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The year’s call for entry is closed. Thank you.

February 21 to May 3, 11:00am, 2022(Korea Standard Time)
Films completed after January 1, 2021, is eligible for submissions. But, the competition sections require as follows.
  • Films directed by a female director (at least a female director for co-production)
  • Discovery : First or second feature films of a director
  • Asian Shorts : Short films directed by a director originated in Asian countries
  • I-TEENS : Korean short films directed by a director under 19 in the production year

Festival’s entry website(

1) Entry rules & regulations must be read and agreed upon before submission is made.
2) A link submitted for the online screener requires English subtitles for non-English dialogues and must be available until July 31, 2022.
3) Prints submitted must be the same version of the screener when it is officially selected. In the case of non-English language films, English subtitles must be embedded in the prints submitted.
4) Materials submitted at entry will not be returned unless it is requested.
The Seoul International Women’s Film Festival will evaluate all films submitted to announce the official selection of the 24th SIWFF. Each film officially selected will be notified individually in July. Asian Shorts and I-TEENS sections will be announced on the festival website. Also, we do not provide reasons for those not being selected.

Seoul International Women’s Film Festival

TEL +82 2 583 3599


Submitters need to understand the SIWFF rules & regulations, and it is regarded that submitters agree to the regulations once you complete and submit the entry form.